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After many years of promising potential, solar energy is beginning to make a big impact on all our lives. A perfect example of this is the sheer quantity of solar powered lights that have recently come onto the market.

Every year we see more and more types of solar power lighting devices at expos and even in stores. But the type drawing the most interest are the LED lights. Usually, fluorescent lights are the preferred choice over incandescent lights for those looking for more efficiency. But LED solar lights have a number of advantages over even fluorescent lights.

So what are these advantages? Well, one of the biggest ones is the fact that LED lighting can operate continuously nearly as much as ten times longer, or more, than equivalent fluorescent types of lighting. This feature is particularly of importance in instances where the light fixture will be positioned in a spot that is difficult to reach. For example, the top of a 20 foot high neighborhood street light. Additionally, these lights are especially efficient in cold weather where the efficacy

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When it comes to choose between ordinary lighting system and LED system in today’s time, the latter becomes prime choice of people. Despite the presence of incandescent bulbs and CFLs, many choose to go for LED lighting system as there are several advantages associated with use of LED lights. Not to mention, LED is one of the safest technologies to date and renders no harm environment due to its usage. There is a wide range of LED Lighting Systems available in the market, which comprises of LED bulbs, LED panels, automotive LED lighting, LED Christmas lighting and many more. Earlier LED lighting was used in certain places of cites such as malls, bars, neon signage, etc as it is more brightening and helps in save huge on electricity bills. Since its benefits started coming in limelight, it has started making inroads to the houses of cities. Due to its great benefits more and more people started

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