7 Color LED Under Car Lights to Enhance Your Car’s Appearance

Aug 23rd, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

7-Color-LED-Under-Car-LightsWhat better way to improve your car’s appearance than installing the new 7-Color underbody kit. These LED strips run longer and emit better quality lighting than neon strips. The 7-Color LED Undercar Lights focus on emitting 7 different colors of your choice to provide a radiant aura to a car. The LED strips have 7 colors for drivers to choose Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), Yellow (G+R), Magenta (R+B), Cyan (B+G), White (R+G+B). The wireless remote can pick whichever color the driver wishes to emit at any time. Each distinctive color can suit whichever style drivers please.

The 7-Color LED Under Car Kit is a universal fit to any cars. This(LED kit includes 2 pieces 36 inches (90cm) 54-LED waterproof LED strips; 2 pieces 24 inches(60cm) 36-LED waterproof LED strips; 1 piece LED undercar light control module; and 1 piece 3-way wireless remote control (60ft range). This will provide sufficient lighting amongst all cars. On top of the lighting, this kit also features 23 distinctive flashing patterns. If drivers wish to change up the mood, they can choose different flashing patterns to provide a completely new attitude to their car.

That’s not all. The wireless remote control also possesses a third function: sound activation. The sound active system can sync the flashing pattern of the 7-Color LED Undercar Lights to the music played in your car. The radiant aura coherently syncing with the beats of your car will provide an outstanding atmosphere to the car and the driver. 3 versatile functions are all on one simple small hand held remote control.

The unique lighting of the underbody of your car will enhance style and status. Car enthusiasts and normal drivers will find the 7-Color LED Undercar Lights a simple and affordable installation that will enhance a gorgeous appearance to their car. Stay updated to the latest automotive technology with these universal fit 7-Color LED Undercar Lights. The 7 different colors of your choice along with 23 distinctive flashing patterns are at the palm of your hands. The quick and simple universal fit installation will enhance your car’s appearance in no time. The 7-Color LED Under Car Light is an affordable and quick-to-install gadget that’ll make any car looking sleek and stylish in no time.