9 Aspects Of Choosing LED

Jul 26th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light
As aroused to precipitate action market, as consumers, selection of continues to cool, scientific analysis, selection of cost-effective best light sources and lighting, here are several basic properties of :
1, different degrees of brightness of the LED brightness, prices are different. For LED lamps and LED laser level should be consistent with the standards of class ⅰ.
2, anti-static antistatic strong LED, long life and high prices. Antistatic LED to greater than 700V typically used for LED lighting.

3, wavelength consistent LED, wavelength, color line, such as color, high prices. There is no LED light manufacturers is difficult to produce color separations instrument pure product.

4, leakage current is a one-way conduction of light-emitting body, if there is a reverse current, is referred to as leakage, leakage current of LED, shorter life expectancy and low price.

5, wide viewing angle uses different LED beam angle is different. Special angle, higher price. Such as the scattering angle, higher price.
6 different quality is the key to life, life, life is determined by lumen. Small lumen maintenance, long life, long life, high prices.
7, wafer illuminant of LED chips, different chips, prices vary widely. Japan and the United States wafer more expensive, Taiwan and domestic chip prices lower than Japan and the United States.
8, wafer size the size of the chip is represented in edge length, larger chips are better quality than smaller LED chips. Price is proportional to the size of the chip.
9, Colloid colloids of ordinary LED General epoxy resin, plus a UV-resistant and fireproofing agent LED prices more expensive, high quality LED outdoor lighting should be UV and fire. Each product has a different design, different designs for different use, reliability of LED lighting designs include: electrical safety, fire safety, the application of environmental security, mechanical factors such as security, health and safety, safe use of time. From the perspective of electrical safety, should be in conformity with the relevant international and national standards.
Because LED is a new product, China national standard lag, but the State providing qualified products testing. International safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc) and the national product quality certificate of higher prices of LED lighting, because these products are reliable in the security design. Attention of the consumer is to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate, international security certification now not many manufacturers and national product certification.

With regard to health, use of nontoxic materials design of higher product prices, especially indoor LED lighting, please don’t be cheap selection of smell LED lighting, at present only a handful of LED manufacturers use non-toxic materials production, to identify the respective method can directly with the nose of, smelly products much lower price than the odor-free. Similar toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium and professional analysis. From the perspective of application of environmental security, reliable dust and moisture-proof design, fire protection, UV protection, anti-low temperature cracking of material price of LED products high.