Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Tube Lights

Feb 25th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

are advised with the latest LED lighting technology and top able LEDs, and they are declared to alter accepted CFLs which are broadly acclimated for bartering lighting and residential lighting. Why can alter accepted CFLs? What are the advantages of ? affection abounding advantages if compared to CFLs.

LED tube lights are of top activity efficiency. LED tube lights accept top able LEDs as , which can accomplish a beaming ability of 100 lumens per watt. Therefore LED tube lights can bear the aforementioned ablaze achievement as CFLs do while just absorb 50% activity as CFLs do, which agency by application LED tube lights to you will save over 50% activity bills.

LED tube lights can endure over 50,000 hours, which is as ten times as the lifetime of CFLs. LED tube lights are solid accompaniment lighting fixtures, so they can endure abundant best than accepted lighting fixtures. During their lifetime, LED tube lights hardly charge any maintenance, which will abundantly save your aliment costs. Meanwhile, you don’t accept to alter bulbs frequently back they can endure added than 10 years, and the ball backup costs they save for you can be aswell actual considerable.

LED tube lights are blooming and eco-friendly lighting accessories after any chancy abstracts such as mercury and lead. They will not could cause any ambiance pollutions if they are disposed. Unlike CFLs, LED tube lights do not afford IR or UV radiation, and they do no abuse to animal beings’ health.

As a amount of fact, LED tube lights are far added than the aloft mentioned advantages. However, LED tube lights aswell affection some disadvantages. LEDs are currently added expensive, amount per lumen, on a startup amount basis, than added accepted lighting technologies. The added amount partially stems from the almost low lumen achievement and the drive chip and ability food needed.

abundantly depends on the ambient temperature of the operating environment. the LED in top ambient temperatures may aftereffect in overheating of the LED package, eventually arch to accessory failure.