Different Uses of LED Lights

May 2nd, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

There is a wide variety of different available out there. These lights come in various shapes and sizes and are used for a diverse range of purposes. These state-of-the-art lights are designed with resistors as low-power LEDs and they are also available as high-power lights for more robust operation. You can choose from 1W to 3W high-power LEDs, LEDs with wire and resistor, wireless LED remote controller, LED car kits, LED sign boards, , household bulbs and many more. All these models and styles are used for different purposes including home décor and customization of vehicles. The uses of these powerful lights are unlimited and therefore they are appreciated all over the world.

LED lighting is also used for security reasons and as traffic lights. Since these lights consume very little power they are ideal to be used for long operations or where they are required to remain on for an indefinite time period. LEDs are better than incandescent light bulbs or other traditional lights as they do not heat up very quickly. Almost 80% of the energy consumed by LEDs is converted into light and only some of it is dissipated as heat. Because of the same reason these lights last for a long time and are definitely a cost-effective option.

Basically LEDs are available in three categories: LEDs for cars, LED flashlights, and or strips for home. with different patterns are also becoming popular in today’s stylish and high-tech world. These lights can be used to decorate almost anything and they come in red, blue, green and ultra violet colors. LED lights are very bright and can be used in cars, computers, motorcycles and snowmobiles. These lights can be recognized easily from a distance and are therefore used on sign displays such as danger signs and as police warning lights.

LED rope light for household use is yet another wonderful light that one can use for home décor. These lights look pleasing to the eye and can be used to outline the boundary of an object such as a coffee table or TV trolley. They come with 36 LEDs per meter in different colors like red, blue and white. They can also be used as outdoor décor items and as hanging lights on weddings and parties. Since these lights come in exciting colors they are used by many stylish people who love luminosity and brightness.

LED auto kits are also admired by lots of auto fanatics all over the world. These LED lights create an under-car halo which appears lovely. This LED auto package deal demands 12V energy and arrives with 2.1 million color output. It has the ability to show one color at a time as well as the pattern could possibly be selected according toward the terrain or situation. These lights are produced water-resistant plus they last for countless many years to come. the best dilemma about these kits will most probably be the reality which they are not extremely pricey at all. You can obtain a terrific LED auto package deal with remote controller and all wiring for someplace near to $200 that is relatively reasonable.

LED lights have infinite uses. Ranging from effortless 5mm & 8mm LEDs with resistor to high-power multi-purpose LEDs, these lights are powerful and long-lasting. They are developed to run non-stop for extended durations thinking about that of extremely minimal energy usage and extremely tiny heat dissipation. They are perfect to acquire used as ambient and architectural lights jointly with health care and handy lights. Par 38 and Par twenty house LED bulbs are extremely useful and useful. They could possibly be employed for vivid kitchen area lighting and workplace lighting.