Research Report on Chinese Auto LED Lamp Industry, 2010-2011

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So far, auto lamps allow us from original candle lamps to common incandescent lamps. In recent years, new-type HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED lamps have also emerged. The LED luminous efficiency can reach 80%-90%. New-type and intelligent LED lamps, that are called the fourth-generation auto light source, have grown an outstanding member among global auto electronic products and the new development orientation of auto lamps.

Weighed against traditional lamps, LED lamps cash longer service life. Its service life is 50,000 hours in theory and 20,000 hours in practice. During the entire life span of vehicles, users will not need to replace the LED lamps. A symptom time for LED lamps is merely dozens of nanoseconds, much shorter compared to incandescent lamps. Thus, drivers might have more reaction time. LED stop lamps and directional lamps can directly convert the electrical energy into optical energy under low drive current, showing upstanding environmental protection and energy saving effects. Its drive current is 1/4 of that of incandescent lamps. With small size, LED can facilitate designers in changing the lamp shapes optionally to diversify the car styles.

In recent years, with the improvement in brightness and reducing of cost, some auto LED lamps have achieved increasing application volume. In China, LED rear lamps are actually adopted by Honda Accord, Crown, Reiz and Cadillac.

As outlined by different application fields, auto LED lamps can be divided into lamps for light distribution and lamps for decoration. Lamps for light distribution are mainly used as the backlight display of meter lamps, front/rear turn lamps, brake telltale lamps, reversing lamps, fog lamps and reading lamps, etc. Lamps for decoration are applied inside color changes of auto lighting to brighten the internal and external areas of vehicles. The application of white LED in auto lamps is at the initial stage. Its brightness is often enhanced gradually, so it possesses a quite optimistic prospect while in the auto headlamp field.

Presently, in China, auto LED lamps still concentrate inside the OEM market while the aftermarket will be started. Auto LED lamps converted from halogen lamps cash stronger night visibility, rich colors and fashionable styles. Therefore, they are liked by fashion-conscious consumers.

Since Sep. 1st, 2009, EU’s ban on incandescent lamps went into effect. Incandescent bulbs will be forbidden to use in EU by 2012. Meanwhile, new vehicles in EU and some other countries are required to be installed with specific lamps for daytime drive. Stimulated by way of the governmental policies on forbidding making use and production of incandescent light bulbs, the interest on auto LED lamps will delight in prominent growth. The energy-saving and environmental-friendly auto LED lamp technology will usher inside of a new development period.
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It is actually forecast that the auto LED lighting will achieve outstanding rise in the LED lighting market in the following years. Both the auto interior lighting as well as energy-saving green lighting depend on the LED technology. At some point, the auto LED lighting technology certainly will become the competition focus. The global auto LED lamp market scale is expected to exceed USD 1 billion last year.

In 2009, Chinese auto product sales amounted to over 13 million, ranking the earth Top. The auto sales volume in China is estimated to keep the annual growth rate that has reached over 20% in the coming years. Chinese auto LED lamp market is in the initial stage, assuming great potential and thus attracting numerous manufacturers.

Through this report, readers can acquire more information:
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- Major auto LED lamp manufacturers in China along with their operation
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