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North Seattle LED lighting producer and distributor SolidApollo.com just released in the direction of market exceptional LED Lighting Strips, LED Strip Controls, Solderless LED Strip add-ons and LED Dimmers, that will allow end users to create more quickly installations and appreciate much better lighting performance.

There are many factors that distinguish SolidApollo’s LED Strips from other retailers. Their Led Lighting Strips provide decent level of quality controls as well as probably the most critical worth all through the marketplace many thanks to many technological factors:

First of all, strong Apollo’s LED mild Strips work at 24V DC instead inside the common 12V DC. This tends to make their merchandise drastically more stable and effective in comparison to conventional 12V led strips. decrease current is required to operate them, which raises lifestyle span with one another with lowering the heat emission, a important element in relation to eroding and degrading the phosphor all through the LEDs. It is demonstrated that the decrease current decreases substantially mild degradation and LED strips endure when subjected to steady heat and large currents to operate them.

Another aggressive advantage that tends to make unique SolidApollo’s, LED lighting strips, could be using the bright versatile Printed Circuit Board (PCB); a pretty essential element to think about when undertaking installations all through the business/architectural arena. The regular PCB readily available all through the marketplace is brown color, producing it pretty noticeable when not in use. based on SolidApollo.com, the bright PCB is drastically more attractive to customers, since it tends to make the strip almost invisible when set up at the rear of mild boxes, milky Plexiglas etc.

Additional advantage on this merchandise collection is its “Easy connect System” which tends to make this merchandise work, best suited out inside the box, devoid of getting to know the way in which to solder or connect cables. every of strong Apollo´s LED mild Strips, arrive getting a fused Barrel connector that is previously integrated all through the LED strip- pretty essential element for end users who don’t possess the know-how to peel and solder cables. The merchandise performs with any of SolidApollo’s UL authorized energy Supplies.
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SoldiApollo also manufactures their LED strips, getting a pretty stable producing of SMD LEDs and only utilizes LEDs which have precisely the comparable producing Bin number. as a final result regardless inside the sizing of an installation, getting precisely the comparable Bin amount assures you that all through the set up the mild can be homogenous, without any color differentiation. buyers that should set up large runs of LED strips as a final result call up for to possess pretty stable color emission, find out this level of quality to turn out to be pretty crucial.

According to Manuel Barquin, CEO of SolidApollo.com “We are in a location to provide a exceptional merchandise all through the market, as we look after producing from start to accomplish and we don’t depend on overseas or Asian integrators to hold out the job. That is why we are capable to help buyers getting a a few of twelve weeks ensure in all our LED Strip products. On that comparable collection customer fulfillment is pretty essential for us and for that people think in providing an continuing strong 30 morning bucks back again warranty, providing our buyers the peace of ideas that our objects will usually performs as advertised.”

Further additional worth remedy to SolidApollo’s LED lighting Strips, is their broad range of LED lighting controllers and Accessories. SolidApollo just released the iChroma collection of LED Controllers which arrive in positively different models, to accommodate all uses, which consists of a Remote look after version. based on Manuel Barquin, CEO of SolidApollo, “Because we strive to usually provide complete options – and never just create a fast buck all through the marketplace – we have produced the iChroma Wireless RGB Controllers. We also provide the marketplace a broad range of interfaces from basic RGB options to complicated DMX options that consider the technology just one actions forward – providing infinite possibilities from standalone options to replay pre-programmed lighting occasions to pretty spectacular and superior mild displays. We provide a producer new meaning and use inside the LED technology.”

SolidApollo also provides water-proof LED Strip that is coated with Ultraviolet Ray safety chemicals. this really is definitely an essential advantage, as common water-proof strips generally decay in instant sunlight in much lower than a few of months, rendering them useless.

SolidApollo also has founded up a distribution program by which they allow distributors and resellers to think about advantage inside the LED Lighting technology with pretty captivating conditions, and with terrific discounts that make SolidApollo the just one cease area for every one of the LED lighting merchandise demands that the distributor/Contractor may nicely have.

SolidApollo provides a exceptional collection of LED strips, from common brightness to large brightness LED strip, RGB LED Strip (Color Changing), LED strip Controllers, LED Dimmers. SolidApollo also provides a broad choice of solderless LED Strip add-ons which facilitate all types of set up in just minutes.