Fog lamp

Mar 21st, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

General car except front driving lamps, lights, lamp, light, rear running lights, brake lights, unremarkable places after the bus also has a set of fog lights. Cars with rear fog, snow, rain or dust in low visibility environments such as diffuse, to make the vehicle behind other traffic participants easily found and installed in the tail of the vehicle, intensity as bigger than tail lights red lights.

Fog lamps-front fog lamps and rear fog lamps, front fog lamp is bright white, or red rear fog lamps. Flag of the rear fog lamp and front fog lamps have a little difference, signs of the front fog lamp the light line is down, parallel to the rear fog lamp is, generally located within the car the instrument console. Due to fog lamp brightness high, penetrating, and not diffuse reflection due to fog, so the correct use can be effective in preventing accidents from happening. In foggy weather, front and rear fog lamps are often used.

It is understood that the United States to install fog lamp not mandatory standards for motor vehicles, loaded and does not fit entirely up to the user to decide, fog lamps are options, and even some State regulations prohibit the use of fog lamps. And my fellow Asia Japan did not require vehicles to install fog lights, but according to the user needs to decide whether to install. Korea also does not force installation fog lights to optional front fog lights, rear fog lights don’t fit. Usually under low visibility conditions, such as fog, rain and weather conditions such as snow, Korea driver to open front fog lamp, lamp, and turn on hazard warning flasher, slow driving.

Belong to the European Union of France and Germany must install fog lights, but under the condition of good visibility, absolutely do not allow the use of fog lamps. This is because the red light in fog lights under the condition without obstacles such as fog, rain and snow attenuation, direct exposure of the eyes to really hurt. In Germany, sometimes through the fog, the pilot forgot to turn off the fog lights, as long as the car after driving lamps Flash, front fog lights turned off in ways that would be sensible.