High power the LED tunnel light application analysis

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1 normal tunnel light and LED the function of the tunnel light more choice

At present the most tunnel lighting is high pressure sodium lamp as the light source, time machine but high-pressure sodium lamp uv radiation in form, color rendering, visual sensitive characteristics, power specifications, brightness control, there are many shortcomings, and the new tunnel lighting lamps and flexible led strip to its excellent properties, especially the brightness of the controllable, overcoming the high-pressure sodium lamp has some shortcomings, is become in the world today the mainstream of tunnel lighting lamps and lanterns. Countries also issued a “ten city hall lamp” semiconductor lighting project of the new measures, for the development of the tunnel light LED brought an unprecedented opportunity.

LED (LightEmittingDiode), is a semiconductor luminous technology. The earliest development LED can only shades of red, the lights used in electronic devices. With the development of technology, now led lamp has all sorts of color can give out light, and widely used in many professions, main application market including traditional display screen and lights market, back light market, street lamp, tunnel light, automobile lighting, outdoor lighting and market landscape interior decorative lighting market, special lighting market. As the light source has LED tunnel its unique advantage.

(2) led strip lighting long life, in the ideal condition has 100000 h, and high pressure sodium and fluorescent tube life only 10000 ~ 30000 h.
(1) LED are thepower consumption of the tunnel light small, energy saving, compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, the energy consumption to save more than 40%.

(3) high reliability, day of the daily maintenance and repair lanterns expenses low, average trouble-free time (MTBF) as high as 20000 h, and high pressure sodium and fluorescent tube of average trouble-free time (MTBF) less than 10000 h.
(4) reduces the power distribution system (cable, transformer, distribution box, bridge, etc) the cost of construction, for long tunnel, long-distance power supply, cable, power distribution facilities of the proportion of the cost of especially big, using LED tunnel light because electricity saving can greatly reduce cable and power distribution equipment investment.

(5) can realize momentary boot, facilitate brightness to adjust, have no flash, start frequency voltage range widely etc, and can achieve a variety of energy saving approach, such as roads, tunnels, according to traffic regulation intensity of illumination and intelligent.
(6) high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp contained mercury, lead and chemical pollutants, and tunnel doesn’t contain any chemical pollutants, is the green environmental protection of the source of the light.
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2 high power led tunnel light design requirements

(1) during the day or at night in the tunnel whether all need to set basic lighting. The day when the vehicle into the tunnel, the road brightness should be gradually fell, the driver’s vision has an adjustment process, will be introduced for entrance into segments, LED to absorb some light to adapt to segment and transition section.
(2) sure, to adapt the segment and introducing period of transition section length (S), usually in the speed (V) to T = 2 S time to acclimatise to determine, usable S = VT / 3.6 m to estimate; Export section also should set transition lighting, the two-way traffic conditions and entry period of the same.
(3) The night gateway is not set to strengthen the lighting, the hole should set street lamp lighting, the brightness of not less than 1/2 of the hole to basic brightness; within the tunnel set emergency lighting, its brightness not less than 1/10 of the basic brightness.

LED single tile lumen output is to decide whether LED tunnel light practical value of the basic indicators, according to requirements, LED lamp of the tunnel LED single tile should reach 80 lumens lumen number above, after nearly three years of LED the luminous efficiency of the high speed development, at present large quantities of efficiency can be supply LED up to 90 lm/W above, and will continue to increase brightness. Table 2 provides representation at the international to the forefront of a few big merchant already quantity production 1 W high power LED the main technical parameters of the white light. OSRAM LUWW5AM manufacturers can be used for designing the light source, use LED light source have many different color temperatures are available. The characteristics of the sun with a similar selection color temperature of 4000 ~ 6000 K LED light source, can effectively reduce the “bright hole” and “black hole” effect.

3.2 with light design

(1) for the introduction of the tunnel import period, to adapt the segment and the transition period and export section based on the asymmetric lighting light distribution (backlight lighting), in the same intensity of illumination conditions, compared with general illumination, can improve the 121% brightness, and at the same time, using the high in terms of the advantage, strictly control the direction of the large Angle strong light, eliminate most glare.
According to the tunnel lighting requirements, according to different lighting period of using different match light lamps and lanterns, based on optical principle and the characteristics of the high directivity LED light source, the use of reasonable light distribution, and to meet the requirements of the brightness or intensity of illumination, reduce the power of the lamps, to achieve the goal of energy saving.
(2) in the tunnel basic section, the most common type of light have with the distribution of light, side with focusing shot with light, lang “type of light distribution, etc. Different applications for the different light distribution form, such as: the road lighting appropriate chooses the bat airfoil with light, shoot the light appropriate chooses type focusing light distribution. Because of the particularity of the tunnel lighting, tunnel lighting lamps arrangements density is very high, so in the tunnel lighting lamps in the second match to light forms are different from the general road lighting. In the tunnel lighting bats airfoil with light, lang “light distribution sort can encounter the specifications within of the homogeneous level within of the intensity of illumination. It is for the most part thinking about that within of the tunnel lighting light is pretty small. Figure one provides two paragraphs tunnel lights LED the C0 path lighting distribution diagram, the left for path lighting and tunnel lighting is frequently employed bat airfoil with light, probably the most ideal for lang “light distribution type. The bat wings with light, namely lighting strap symmetrical lighting finding a broad light, as well as although in the identical intensity of illumination conditions, in comparison with standard illumination, can improve the 64% brightness, improve the brightness evenness.
In latest years, so that you just can sustain the sustained and wholesome advancement within of the continent wide economy, the continent multiplied infrastructure in constructing, along the lines of the railway, highway construction. So the tunnel lighting equipped with raising demand. so that you just may help save vitality and defend the environment, improve the best quality within of the tunnel lighting, and on the identical time, so that you just can adapt in the direction of the sustainable advancement within of the tunnel operation management, coupled with one of a kind lighting natural environment and tunnel eyesight impressions for good, new lighting theory and knowledge lighting supply is really necessary.

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