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Effects lighting is the precious cornerstone of a wide range of industries. It fuels our partying, complements our relaxation and serves our socialising, and when it comes to retail it makes things look more appealing. RGB  is set to become an invaluable asset to the entertainment, hospitality and retail industries and completely revolutionize the way we think about effects lighting. It is virtually unrivalled in its ability to place a large range of colourful effects at the fingertips of a user.

“We have seen customers transform drab looking interiors into fantastic ambient environments overnight by using .”

There are a few reasons you will want to opt for RGB LED over older forms of effects lighting and in this article we will outline just a few of them.

1. Energy Efficient

This is becoming a bit of a running theme and our repetition of this point might seem tiresome, but the energy saving capacity of RGB LED is one of its definitive features that set it apart from any other type of effects lighting on the market. Traditionally, elaborate effects displays were very costly in their energy consumption, as you can understand. RGB LED dramatically cuts the running cost of effects lighting. You can expect an average energy saving of about 90 per cent compared to more traditional lighting.

2. Programmable

 RGB LED is fully customizable. Choice really is the keyword here, as RGB LED combines Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light at their source in order to recreate the entire colour spectrum. Programming an RGB LED is very easy. All are provided with a remote control and red eye sensor that fits between the RGB LED and its driver. The remote control will allow you to create preset patterns or display single colours. If you really want to experiment then we recommend trying out one of our DMX Controls. These are industry standard digital systems that can be used to create highly complex effects with your RGB LED.

3. IP Rated

 Our RGB LED is available with an IP rated ‘splash proof’ covering. This means that you can take your colourful displays into any area that you might run the risk of exposing your RGB LED to moisture. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, bars and exterior areas.

4. User Friendly

 All of our RGB LED are completely user friendly. Installing your RGB LED is very straightforward and can be achieved without the assistance of professional help. A high quality adhesive backing means that RGB LED sticks directly to surfaces without the need for bracketing or mounting. Furthermore, like all of our LED Tape, RGB LED run directly of the mains through a 12V driver which are very easy to set up. This really is ‘life made easy’ technology.

5. Long Lasting

 Again this really is definitely an intrinsic benefit of LED modern advances in common and never just RGB LED. You can presume a working lifespan of anyplace approaching 50,000 several hours with RGB LED, which implies they undoubtedly are a seem purchase and may be providing you with exceptional excellent lighting results for several years to come. assess this with conventional types of results lighting that will only achieve a fraction in the lifespan offered by RGB LED.

6. Versatile

When we say our RGB LED is versatile, we critically do suggest it. There isn’t a great offer you can’t do with them. RGB LED consists of a extremely compact and versatile design, which implies you aren’t critically limited within your options. Their versatile design implies they will mould in the direction of contours of wall spaces and furniture, plus they may be stretched near to corners as well. Their compact design would make them amazingly discrete, which means you won’t be left using a bulky looking setup. instead you most almost certainly won’t even realise they are there at all, but will even now achieve exceptional excellent lighting effects!

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