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There are different patents on LED Reef Lights. Some companies have gone away from business merely using the reason that of legitimate expenses attached finding a producer new merchandise and conflicting interpretations of patent law. Our objective can be to provide you using the best feasible reef lighting possibilities while respecting the patents of every one LED manufacturer. Our Kits are produced to take place to be simple, fast and astonishingly worth effective. All you should do is glue, solder and connect. for just about any a whole great offer more finished merchandise you can possibly choose to drill, tap and improvise as well. in situation you do not need to hassle with soldering our pre-wired strips really are a awesome option. The subsequent is generally a instead effortless activity by activity on how we built a LED fixture for our individual aquarium.LEDs are hot, so warm by on their own they will melt the solder away from your star they are attached to. A best quality Heat Sink is generally a must. We only provide heat sinks from Heat Sink united states as they are able to be the best for this application. With limited LEDs you can go with home Depot Aluminum however the temp may be the key. in situation you cannot sustain your finished fixture tight in between your fingers …It’s as well hot, as well as the LEDs will not last as long.

Mark out a grid using the LEDs you plan to use. We advise in the very minimum one inch in between LEDs over a best quality Heat Sink. The rule of thumb is in situation you cannot sustain it tight it is as well hot! pc fans could possibly be necessary!

This 24”x8.46” heat sink is create up for 48 Cree XRE LEDs. We then mounted the LEDs finding a two element thermal epoxy. Be cautious it dries in 5 mins so combination small portions.

You do not need a lot; just one two element is great for over 48 LEDs on Stars. oxygen is definitely an insulator so use only only a tiny slim coat.
Position the Stars so they are effortlessly soldered. Remember it is a effortless +-+- sequence arrangement.

CAUTION…Our motorists are engineered to provide the optimum mild with optimum efficiency. We advise utilizing 3-12 XRE LEDs with our show properly LPC-35-700 driver. in situation you need to look at your LEDs please ensure all connections are tight earlier for you plug it in as our driver is steady present and will harm LEDs if all connections are not secure.It can help to pre solder the stars. We advise utilizing a 63/37 Rosin-Core solder and 18-20 assess wire. equally may be found out at stereo Shack. as shortly when you have twelve LEDs soldered in sequence you can attach and energy up the driver. When attaching the Leviton plug, ensure the blue cable tv is attached the broad element from the plug as well as the narrow element from the plug is attached toward brown wire. The red-colored cable tv is attached toward + inside the LED as well as the dark cable tv is attached toward – inside the LED. You can straight solder the driver cable tv toward LED or take advantage of the offered cable tv caps to remotely mount the driver apart away from your fixtureOnce you confirm your string is working, area the optics inside the LED by lightly snapping them on. They need to sustain with out any adhesive. in situation you choose to take advantage of adhesive use a non-toxic non-conducting such as the Loctite No Mess Stick’n Seal. DO NOT USE very GLUE! The fumes will harm the LED.
If your LEDs do not light, look at the soldering and polarity of every one LED. every one + must take place to be attached to some -. The – inside the driver is attached toward – inside the LED as well as the + toward +.
Next lay affordable a gentle towel and turn over the fixture. The LEDs are fragile as well as the heatsink is heavy. ensure the LED are properly protected. To finish off the undertaking we utilized a common corner brace, do it yourself tapping material screws and aluminum strips from home Depot to finish off the project.