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imagine that it is often practice forest for your trees only. Now before I enquire about LED tube relative to the standard lighting of the advantages which, first, energy saving, the second longevity, and is not afraid to exchange, right. But now the use of high-PF method, are packed with passive valley PF circuit on the original drive, or 48 strings, 6 and instead, 12 and 24 strings, so, when it comes to 220V, lower efficiency five percentage points or so, so] LED fluorescent lamp power source , higher heat, light beads are likewisesome impact.Another problem

is 24 string 12 along with the practice, LED fluorescent lamp beads becomes very hard to accept wiring, bad layout from the. I think the best way to string a lot of 48 or a good way, mostly high efficiency, small heat, and the wiring is simple, not complicated.Moreover,

what’s now 24 and also made 12-string, this process is only suitable for isolated power supplies, non-isolated energy does not apply. There are even some who don’t understand the power of sound judgment do feel non-isolated power output constant current 600MA like cattle X, however he did not put tubes in her carefully tried, not hot like thatstrange burst.So, now do

such thinggs as low-voltage high-current LED tube power supply, is definitelythe practice of trifles.The basic structure

with the buck power supply is in series using the inductor and the load voltage 300V, the switch switches, the body weight that is to achieve a voltage a lesser amount than 300V, the specific circuit a lot, lots online, I do not say a draw. Nowadays there are 9910 on the market in general are basically constant current IC with this circuit to achieve. However, this circuit would be the switch breakdown, the entire LED light board comes to an end, this should be regarded as the worst place. Because if your switch breakdown, the entire voltage of 300V through the lamp on the board, light board only were required to bear more than a hundred volts, is actually three hundred volts, and this one occurred. LED will certainly be burned. So many people say the insecurity of non-isolated, in fact, that buck, but as the vast majority of the general non-isolated step-down, to ensure the damage must be non-isolated bad LED. In truth, two other basic non-isolated structure, the facility supply is damaged, won’taffect the LED tube of.Step-down

capacity to design a small current into high voltage, efficiency can be high, elaborate that explains why? Because high-pressure low-current, allowing the switch current pulse width larger, therefore the peak current is smaller, you can find, the inductor losses are smaller, it is possible to know through the circuit, the circuit seriously isn’t convenient painting, concrete is to re- described any longer. You just sum up, step-down power of the benefit is designed for 220 high-voltage input used to increase the risk for power device to withstand the voltage stress is small, appropriate for big current output, just like doing 100MA current than the latter two towards the easy, efficient higher. Efficiency as relatively high, the foreclosure of the inductor is small, but large loss to the switch, because all through the power load have to be transmitted through the switch, however the output power, only a portion through inductor, just like the 300V input, 120V output step-down power, and then go through the inductor portion 180V, 120V part is a direct conduction into the load, in order that the inductor loss is relatively small, however the output power, all to endurethe switch **.Non-isolated step-down power

would be the power structure is now widespread, accounting for almost a fluorescent lamp strength 90 per cent. Many people imagine that only a buck non-isolated power supply one, often comes not isolated, think about Buck, we think that insecurity of light (referring to power damage). Buck is not merely a matter of fact, there are two basic structures, namely the boost, and buck that BOOSTANDBUCK-BOOST two power supply even after the damage. LED tube light won’t affect benefits. Buck power does have it’s benefits, it is suitable for the 220 although not 110 as originally 110V voltage is low, a drop even lower, so the output current, low voltage, efficiency, try not to be too high. 220V AC buck, about $ volt rectifier filtered through step-down circuit, generally to the DC voltage approximately 150V, so you can achieve high voltage low current output, high efficiency can be done. Generally to do with the MOS switch, the ability to do this size, my experience is that you may do so almost ninety percent, then further is usually difficult. The reason is simple, considering that the loss of the chip is going to be generally 0.5W to 1W and 10W fluorescent tube concerns power, however. Beyond it isn’t possible. Now the power efficiency on this thing is true, many people are blowing, actually impossible to achieve.Some people say 3W common

power use to achieve eighty-five%, and it is isolated type. Explain, even hopping mode, the minimum no-load power consumption, and also what should 0.3W 3W output voltage could be to 85 per cent actually Seventy percent considered very good, anyway, many people boast not scratch, you may live in layman flicker, but now understand the power of the LED’s do notmany.I said, to

best quality, first of all to do non-isolated, then the output of small size but also high-voltage current, eliminating the necessity for power devices conduction losses, therefore the LED power supply as a major decrease in this one is its own chips loss, this loss is a few tenths of W to a W look, there is a switching losses, and also to do with the MOS switch can significantly reduce this loss, with all the transistor switching losses on a large lot. So do not use the transistor. There is a small strength, it is best not to be too provincial, not to ever use the RCC as RCC circuit is usually poor quality of the manufacturers do, in fact, the chip is affordable, ordinary switching power supply chip, integrated MOS pipe, but around two dollars is not necessary if a little provincial, RCC only save some materials, in fact, higher processing costs like repair, but worth the wait becausehead.Decomposition of

home equity loansconstant current control mode 

The following saying is, the two constant current control mode switching strength, resulting in two approaches. Both of these approaches, whether it is the principle, or device applications, and satisfactiondifferences are quite large.Said first principle.

The first person to present constant-current LED dedicated IC represented, mainly, for instance 9910 series, AMC7150 all now playing the company of LED constant current driver IC are basically this, and told him to constant current IC type it. But I think to do this so-called constant-current constant current IC, the results is not how good. The control principle is fairly simple, is the primary power source circuit, setting a current threshold, when the primary MOS turns on, then the inductor current is linearly increasing, up to certain value when the time and energy to achieve this threshold, the turn-off current, your next cycle is triggered by way of the trigger circuit conduction. In fact, this constant should be a establish limit, we know that when the inductance on the different time, primary current shape differs, although the same peak, but distinct from the current average. Therefore, since this power is generally mass-produced, the constant size the consistency of good control. There is a feature with this power, the output current is usually trapezoidal, that is, volatility-type current, electrolytic output is generally not smooth, this is a problem, if the current peak is too large, may have an impact on LED. When the power supply and output stage isn’t the kind of electrolysis current to smooth power, basically fall into this category. That is, to determine whether this is the control, to see there and on the creation of electrolytic filter. I had this constant is called the false constant, because its essence is a limit, not through op amp comparison, the obtained constant value.
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The other constant current mode, switching power supply should be called a style. This control mode and constant voltage control mode switching energy is similar. We all know that constant pressure to make it work with a TL431, because it has an internal 2.5 V reference, after which it use the resistor divider mode. In the event the output voltage is higher when, or low point, after you generate a comparison voltage, after amplification, to regulate the PWM signal, so this control are often very precise control of voltage. This control method has a reference, but also an operational amplifier, in the event the base enough to accurately op amp magnification is big enough, then be very accurate. Similarly, carry out the constant is the need for a constant reference, an op amp, resistor overcurrent detection, as being the signal, then the signal amplification, to master the PWM Unfortunately, now is of low quality to find a very accurate reference signal, used of a transistor, the base to do a large drift, there exists that you can take the diode conduction value of about 1V to do the benchmark, this could be not high, the best happens when the TL431 op amp plus basis, though the circuit complex. However, this constant-current power supply, constant current control accuracy is better than. And this constant current mode control, the output will need to add electrolytic filter, so the DC output power is smooth, not pulsating, pulse, that can not sample the. So to determine what kind as long as there is certainly to see whether the output electrolytic endangered.Two kinds of constant current control mode determines

the usage of two different types of devices, want you to determine the two devices use different circuit, different performance, fees are also different. The 9910 series, represented by constant-current control IC to try and do LED tube lighting power, nevertheless the actual limit, control is actually comparatively simple, strictly speaking, it does not belong to the mainstream switch mode power control, switch mode power supply control is certainly the mainstream have benchmarks and operational amplifier. However, this IC can just be used for LED is actually difficult to come out for other things, just because the LED on the requirements of small ripple. But because it is only higher prices for LED so now. 9910 plus is the use of basic MOS pipe production, the output without electrolysis, on the whole I see a lot of people do is labor power conversion word inductance inductance. This power, the typical information on the chip manufacturers use a map, are basically buck. I do not say, good at this much aboveme.Second, I represented,

which is, the constant current control mode switching power source drive. This is an ordinary switching strength chip as the core conversion device, the chip considerably, such as the PI TNY series, TOP series, ST’s VIPER12VIPER22 Fairchild’s FSD200, and in some cases with only MOS transistor or a tube of RCC, etc. can perform. Advantage of low cost, reliability is great. Because the average price of switching power source chip is not only good, but after extensive use are definitely the classic products. In fact, because IC is generally integrated MOS, MOS versus the 9910 plus convenient, but control more intricate, require the addition of constant current device, you can use transistors or operational amplifier. Magnetic components can be inductive character of labor, can also be used that has agap of high-frequency transformer.I love transformers,

as the inductor while the cost is very low, on the other hand do not think its load capacity, feelings of the amount of addition is not flexible adjustment. Thus i think a better device selection, more common integrated MOS chip plus high-frequency switching strength transformer, from the performance, cost, and they are the best choice, do not go to any constant current IC using the kind of thing, not easy to use, and expensive.Finally,

focus on, distinguish between the two power supplies, just about the most important way is to see regardless of if theoutput of electrolytic capacitors for filtering. 

Wonder if it is done on the power limit control of power flow constant, or constant current power amplifier control, power problems to be resolved. Switching energy chip that work when we need to have a relatively stable DC voltage supply to the chip, the chip operating current from one to several MA MA range. There is a chip such as FSD200NCP1012 and HV9910 can be a high-pressure self-fed, it is easy to use, but the high-pressure feed, the IC heat rise, as the IC to withstand about 300V DC, provided just a little current, even if a MA you will find 0.3 watt utilization of the damage. General LED strength, but ten watts approximately, loss of a few tenths of watts of power use can pull down a number of points. There is a typical as QX9910. Pulldown resistor to consider power, so that loss in the resistor, about that have lost a few tenths of watts it. You can find magnetic coupling, is to use the transformer, the main power coil plus a winding, for the reason that auxiliary winding flyback power supply as to avoid loss of zero out of this a few watts of power. That is why I do not even use the isolating power transformer one reason is that in order to avoid loss of a couple of tenths of watts of power, posta few points of efficiency.About shape

Now T8 LED tube

energy, make light of the general requirements about the lamp manufacturers, such as the release T8 Led tube. Small perhaps the external. Do not know why to be so. In fact, difficult built-in power and gratifaction is not good. But do not know why there are numerous people make such a request. It could possibly have been Suifeng Dao. External power supply needs to be said that more scientific, far more convenient son. But I also had to Suifeng Dao, the customer what they want, I do. But do the built-in power supply, a considerable difficulty oh. As the external power supply, the basic shape doesn’t require, how much do want to do much, trying to do does not matter what shape. Built-in power, only made two, some may be the most used, that is on the light board below, squeeze light board above, we have found power, power to do so requires very thin, or doesn’t fit. Moreover, it can only components down, turn on the line, only longer. I’m sure this is not a good idea. But we generally like doing things like this. I do. There exists less used, put both sides of that on the tube ends, flexible to do, costs less. I have done, principleshape is a two built-in.Requirements for such power and circuit problems

My view

is, because the power supply to the built-in lights, the LED light and also heat is the biggest killer of decline, so heat needs to be small, is certainly very high efficiency. Obviously have to have high-efficiency power supply. T8 one meter long for the kind of two lights, it’s best not to use a power supply, but with two, one at each end, heat dispersion. So as not to make the heat concentrated in one location.Depends on the efficiency

of your power structure of the circuit along with the use of devices. Said first circuit, a number of people said to isolate the power, There’s no doubt that is absolutely not necessary, because this kind of thing has always been placed within the body of light, people do not touch. Isolation is not needed, because the efficiency of isolated power efficiency is lower than non-isolated, and the second is the better output to high voltage low current, therefore the power to make the efficiency high. Is widely used, BUCK circuit, which is step-down circuit. It is best to do 75 volts above the output voltage and current set at 100MA into it, such as driving one hundred and twenty, preferably three strings, each string of forty, is ahundred and thirty-volt voltage, current 60MA .This

power source with a lot, I just think it is bad, once we pass out of control switch, LED will concludes. LED tube lighting now is so expensive. My business is more optimistic about the boost circuit, the benefits of such a circuit, I repeatedly said, the 1st high-efficiency buck more than the second, bad energy, LED lights will not be bad. This ensures fail-safe, if burned an energy supply, but lost a few dollars, an LED lamp burning, the cost will be paid with a $ 100. I have the power devaluation or Boost. 

You can find, step-up circuit, it is easy to make a high PF value, the buck with the trouble some. I definitely boost circuit for your LED lamp has an overwhelming advantage or stronger than the usual buck. Only disadvantage of 1 year, that is the case of 220V mains input, load range is rather narrow, generally only for 100-140 a string or two strings of LED’s for under this number, or caught in the centre, but with inconvenient. But now carry out the LED lamp, 60CM long which are generally 100 to 140 one meter with two type of general is to use two hundred to 2 hundred and sixty, just like still use the. So now LED lamp for general use is not isolated step-down circuit, there is absolutely no isolation step-up circuit, such circuit for LED lamps, should beregarded himself first. 

I do switching power supply, the original did adapters, chargers, switching power supply steel. Then do the LED energy, do 1W3W initially high power LED driver, but do less. The reason is simple, there is no market. I found the power LED constant current energy, as long as its power over 5W basically no market, only proof. Because LED is too expensive. This, too, for making the power of peer-friends mind you, this is my voice of expertise.I do not know how many people stumble

around the power LED Power LED thunder, rain, many victims lost their money in this one. Or low-power LED market a bit better. But does not work, now in power LED driver, was resistive and capacitive step-down power accounts for most of the country. Constant current switching strength drives the shape of a small power LED nice, but many of people can not accept the charge. I am a little over a constant-power LED drivers, switching energy, efficiency, stability, reliability of 0.9, constant current accuracy is very good, the price was five dollars, however, many people still Xiangui, because they bring it and a dollar of RC Buck capacity to compare, of course, the two simply immeasurably. We do switch power inside, it has an integrated MOS switching power supply chip, plus a transformer. This is the place where the price of the two, of course, performance is put there. But I believe that the resulting low-power LED constant current driver will eliminate power RC Buck. Because consumers will gradually be rational, step-down power to do a RC out from the lamp, almost no practical value, can only be a decoration and toys, when you really into the general LED lighting, down RC voltage power simply can not do the job. I’ll envisage the situation, with the improvement of LED performance, lower prices, power costs will be the LED lamps cost a very important part. The real lighting, RC Buck can not do the job. RC Buck popular power, but a transition, ultimately constant-current power sourceauthentic.I am still optimistic

concerning the current low-power LED lamps. Low-power Leds, the key is too much bad light, the retail price is not ideal. But now, more than for general lighting or power advantage. I do believe that the low-power LED lamps into your general lighting, and energy-saving lamps with a high, is a matter within several years. The high-power LED into the general lighting, it is something other than five years. Now I focus on R & D and small power LED production. I noticed a small power LED is now included in general lighting lamps are LED lamp, LED honeycomb lamps, LED lamp. In particular, the LED lamp, through the second half of 2007, lots of people began to develop, can be extremely hot. Basically, We are now looking for eight people in ten are doing this, so I do set out to do [] LED fluorescent lamp energy [/ URL], do some time, so this discuss the power of R & D and creation of general methods and principles. Individual experience to become above the bar.