Important Aspects for the Custom of LED Strips

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There are a lot of customers demand not conventional with special specifications, the strips need to custom. But because are not familiar with some of the technical parameters, many requirements of the customers do not meet the technical requirements, even if done, its use will also be affected. Here we particularly talk about the special custom for your reference:
1, Circuit design of LED strip:

Flexible LED strips can be with a circuit including the series circuit and parallel circuit, there is the series and parallel circuits. Series circuit has the advantage of constant current, relatively easy to control the LED driving current. Disadvantage is that if one LED is damaged, then all the LED will not light, but does not affect other LED life. Parallel circuit has the advantage of any of the broken LED LED does not affect other use. The disadvantage is the current limiting resistor if not, then any one LED is damaged, it will cause the current to increase at both ends of the other LED will burn out the other LED. And because a single LED of the drive voltage is low, the voltage will cause most to do useful work for is a waste of resources.

Series-parallel circuit is the LED strip lights with a universal circuit, because the use of several LED in series with a group, and then in parallel with other groups. To maximize the utilization of the supply voltage to reduce wasted effort loss. At the same time, the use of several LED series, can ensure these LED drive current is the same, is conducive to a constant LED current, to ensure that the LED’s life.

Flexible LED strip

set in series and then after, and other groups in parallel, you can guarantee that if a case of damage will not affect the normal use of the other groups. Also, because each has a limiting resistor, so one group will not be affected by damage to the life of the other groups.


The definition and parameters of wall lights is follow:

The definition: wall washer from the English wash wall, translated into Chinese to become a wall washer. LED Wall Washer Linear called so, because its shape is elongated, it was to call it , mainly used for architectural lighting is used, as well as to outline the large-scale construction outline, its technical parameters and LED lamps for light broadly similar, relative to the circular LED floodlight structure, LED lights wash wall structure of the heat sink bar even more to handle it

parameters: now the application of more LED wall washer is basically a selection of high-power 1W LED tubes (each LED tube will be made with a PMMA lens with high light efficiency, and its main function is to issue the second distribution of LED tube light), showing single order (second-tier or multi-line, I ordered it classified as LED lamps for light), most of the LED wall washer, LED lights are sharing a radiator, and some manufacturers is the placement of each LED tube a small radiator, and its light-emitting angle of generally narrow (20 degrees), medium (50 degrees), wide (120 degrees) three, at present, high-power LED wall washer (narrow angle) is valid as far as projection distance of 15-20 meters, about their usual power 8W, 12W, 24W, 27W, 36W power, such as several forms, and their common dimension is generally 300,500,600,1000 so few, can actually Select a different length of the engineering and power density.