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Here, you will not find any useless filler or fluff about LED grow lights. Rather, this website offers factual, practical, information concerning the proper use of such devices and where they can be found. Whether you want to discard old, inefficient HID lights in lieu of LEDs or you are a seasoned indoor gardener, you will find excellent advice on this site. You may wish to read the information on the “Who Am I page” to discover more.

LED Grow Lights Benefits

There is a vast array of valid reasons to choose LED grow lights rather than the other options that exist on today’s market. One of the best reasons is the versatility of such lights.

Those who must make a decision regarding the best lighting system to choose should consider the wide variety of uses for the aforementioned LEDs:

• Herbal food seasoning, including cilantro, basil, oregano, and many others.

• Plants that flower, ranging from annual to perennial, from zinnia to orchid varieties. Such flowers can be planted indoors in order to allow the grower to get a jump on next year’s garden.

• Fruits and Vegetables: Recreational gardeners and professional farmers who use hydroponics will benefit greatly from the Led grow lights’ myriad advantages.

• Survivalists can cultivate their personal stash of food with much less difficulty, and maintain self-reliance in times of adversity for a much longer period.

• Medical Usage: One can raise his or her own medicinal remedies from scratch and save a substantial amount of money with off grid LED grow light systems.

The Permanent LED Grow Light

Grow marijuana led grow lightsA great many years after they were initially introduced to the market and upgrades were made, LED grow lights have at last emerged as a stalwart presence in the grow light market. This phenomenon distinctly shows that they are not only a transitional fad. Modern LED grow lights are the perfect complement to traditional analogue HID lights. In reality, they exceed the growth yield quality of HIDs.

Choosing a Suitable LED Grow Light

When selecting the best LED grow light to meet your specific needs, it is important to conduct research and discover all the pertinent information by thorough investigation. I have personally discerned a pattern that indicates that vendors are the demographic group who make the most statements about benefits of their particular grow light. However, it is much better if one can find a manufacturer who offers less hype and simply allows the product to speak for itself.

Review of LED Grow Lights

A number of objective, comprehensive reviews of LED grow lighting can be read here on this website.

2011 Overview of Various Light Models

Several Brand Specific LED Grow Light Reviews Include:

Prosource, Hydrogrow, and Magnum’s .357. Beta is currently testing a variety of other products including Solaro’s Sun Clone, Stealth Extreme, and Grow LED HydraSpectro among others. If your goal is to locate a cannabis oriented LED grow light, you may wish to read the LED Cannabis Lights Grower’s Guide. This publication offers many internal guide books that are regularly updated with current information. Therefore, it is wise to bookmark that site in your computer’s favorites.

Primary Benefits of LED Grow Lights

When you fist visit the website, you will more likely than not already have knowledge of the myriad advantages offered by LED grow lights and how such lights have the edge over HIDs. Some of the statements made by manufacturers are accurate, while much of them are simply advertising hyperbole. Starting in the middle is the best way for you to glean all sides of the story. Invest the time to check out the published studies and scientific research results that will give you unbiased information which you can use to make a decision.

If your goal is to make decision between several quality LED grow light models that are available on today’s market, seek out the following certain benefits:

Energy Efficiency

The first thing you should do is attempt to determine the how much energy can allegedly be saved with each model. While certain claims are nothing more than obvious exaggerations, you may anticipate a realistic reduction of forty to seventy-five percent in current energy costs from LED grow lights as opposed to HPS or MH light models. LED grow lights will emit a low level heat and the majority of such lights can be acquired with internal fans that keep the chips cool. This way, one can eliminate having to deal with plant dehydration or leaves that become burnt or dried out.

Elimination of Expensive Accessorizing

The entire range of ballasts, mechanical fans, heat removers and reflectors that are associated with HID lights can be very costly to purchase and maintain. Additionally, LED lights are outstandingly durable and do not break down as time goes on. This greatly lessens the cost of repairs that cut profits very much. LED grow lights help growers to eliminate all such eventualities.

Extraordinary Longevity

LED grow lights have an average lifespan of between fifty and one-hundred thousand kilowatts, which more than compensates for their initial cost. In contrast, HPS lights only offer customers an avergae lifespan of 5,000 hours maximum, which makes the best choice in lights obvious.

Almost 100 Percent Efficiency

Even under perfect condition, HIDs have only a maximum efficiency level of approximately thirty-five percent. What this indicates is that approximately two-thirds of the light emitted by HIDs is completely useless or entirely escapes photosynthesis. By participating in complete research of LED grow light, one can acquire an efficient output of at least ninety percent. This is because of relative PAR–Photosynthesis Active Radiation. This value is the indicator of how the plants might use the LED grow light for the process of photosynthesis.

Do You Need More Information About LED Grow Lights?

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