Led lampa E14, E27, E40 and G13.

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, such as E14, E27, E40 and G13, developed specifically under the existing standards of coverage, with reduced power consumption and heat generation. The structure of , as well as other lamps of this type include:
AC adapter (converter), built directly into the lamp;
Board with powerful LEDs;
Bright glow of continuous light output is the result of the passage of current through
a semiconductor. This phenomenon is the basis of the . In turn, aluminum housing, which are components of the lamp, promotes abstraction of heat and prolong the life of the whole structure.
LED light sources, such as LED lampor E14, E27, E40 and G13, more efficient standard incandescent bulbs.
LED  lamps with E40 socket designed for installation into standard fixtures of street and industrial lighting.

E40 LED lampor immediately switched on the light without flickering lamp power consumption ranges from 21 to 50 watts.
All LED lampor (, E27, etc.) have built-in converter that allows you to connect directly to the lamp to AC 220V. Often LED lampa bulbs E14, E27 used as lighting for homes and businesses. For the application of LED lamp socket E40, in fixtures series HCS or CGS to connect the power supply 220 directly, and the lamp ballast (ballast) is extracted.
High reliability, much better lighting performance, complete environmental safety, reduced energy consumption, extended program existence – they are indisputable benefits which distinguish the brand new sequence of LED lamps from conventional fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
Special overall performance LED bulbs are different E14 and E27. Even right after 6 weeks operation of significant overall performance brightness diode as well as a minimum amount usage of electrical energy worth the price tag in the LED brightness source.
G13 LED bulb is accustomed to replace fluorescent lamps. G13 LED lampor are used in standard fixtures just like LPO, LVO, LSP, and others, with bottom G13 as an choice to fluorescent lamps at 18, 20, 36, 40, 80, Tues
When replacing the G13 to LED lampor do not contact for starters, ballasts also to other ballast. G13
lamps do not contact for specific disposal as opposed to fluorescent brightness sources.
Electricity usage LED lampor G13 is drastically reduce than fluorescent. And their existence is not much under fifty thousand hours, or extra than 5 many years of steady operation!
These lamps are properly suited for lighting in residential and commercial premises, stores and offices, and marketing media.