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Do you accept harnessing or for your boondocks centre Decorations or ? Is it searching a little tired? again try our 93% on your Activity bills, and added chiefly abate your Carbon brand by a whopping 96%The all new adamantine one colour LED golf brawl lamp (70 x 45) with 7- High achievement LED’s that use a absolute of one watt of energy, compared to the old blazon of lamp that acclimated 15 to 25 watts. Our led golf-ball lamps appear in 5 alone colours (white, red, green, blue, yellow) and accept a activity amount of 30,000 hours, that’s 10 times the activity of a accustomed lamp and bethink they accept an adamantine poly-carbonate beleaguer and conforms to IP65 if adapted into your lamp harnessing or festoon.

LED Golf Brawl Lamps SLB-LED-A-45-7

Call for pricingGolf Brawl Colour Change Lamps (7COur all-new adamantine colour change golf-ball lamps (70 x 45) that allocution to anniversary added absolute 3-colour alteration led’s application 0.6 watt. They will all change through seven altered colour sequences (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, turquoise, ice white) if they are all switched on at the aforementioned time. This will accomplish your old lamp harnessing into a tasteful and attenuate colourful display

SLB-LED-B-45-1-F Call for pricing

Golf Brawl Colour Change Lamps (9C

Our beyond adamantine colour change lamps (90 x 50) which aswell allocution to anniversary other, accommodate 10-colour alteration led’s application 1.2 watt. They will all change boring through seven altered colour sequences (red, purple, ice white, blue, green, turquoise) if they all about-face on at the aforementioned time. This beyond lamp will aswell about-face your old lamp harnessing into a attenuate colourful affectation with a stronger colour and beyond lamp

SLB-LED-B-50-10-S Call for pricingLED Colour Change Pre-programmed LampsNow for our all singing and dancing pre-programmed ample adamantine lamps (90 x 50) absolute 14 colour alteration LED’s application 1.4 wattsThey will accomplish your two-wire lamp harnessing/festoon anticipate it has four wires.

It not alone changes through six altered colours but aswell chases aback and alternating as it moves through a programmed affectation that cannot advice but be admired. They appear in groups of four (a.b.c.d.) that you fit into your absolute harnessing in groups of four (a.b.c.d.a.b.c.d.a.b.c.d.). The lamp will do the blow accouterment they are all angry on at the aforementioned time. This will change your two-wire lamp harnessing/ boutonniere into a activating affectation that will be amazing if apparent on a continued affectation