Led panel bulb indoor application

Apr 11th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

in indoor lighting applications are at a preliminary stage, this is because the cost is too high lumen factor, for another, too few types of indoor lighting, lighting designers suffer no choice, but Indoor lighting products are promoted to the obstacle. Think, indoor lighting product development and promotion should focus on the following five areas:
1, Products
Interior Lighting the traditional lamp can be called under various names, Led panel light, Led tube, Led spotlight, such as commercial lighting and the composition of the two major areas of home lighting, indoor lighting dominate the direction, but now applied to indoor lighting is LEDtube, LED panel light floor tiles and other decorative lighting, other common traditional lighting LED light source applications are rare, but a huge potential market, no doubt, with the LED panel light to enhance light efficiency and lower prices, who first developed a series Led panel light products will come to occupy the market opportunities.

2, product integration, intelligence
An LED panel light the biggest advantage is Hydraulic Fittings easier to control. Cluster control and can, in some occasions require programmability, LED panel light intelligent products can provide a range of solutions that includes three color LED, and a microprocessor smart LED products, DMX512 communication protocol can be configured to Pacific Internet to run, this is the intelligent management of interior lighting provide a convenient, you can also play down the use of LED panel light led to high initial investment cost disadvantage.

3, the product human
Lighting, through a series of evolution in the following, is slowly becoming a fashion, personalized lighting products have become a first choice, but LED panel light bulky, unlike traditional light sources have glass, and light, easy to control, in exterior lighting design of human nature to the LED panel light lamp manufacturer unlimited play space.

4, increased luminous flux efficiency, reduction of the maximum integrated lighting costs.
While LED panel light source as in some traditional high-efficiency light source, but because LED panel light LED directional light source intensity, high availability, so long as reasonable by the optical processing, maximum use of its luminous flux, the illumination side, LED panel light can be achieved functional lighting requirements.

In exactly the very same evaluate problems and 60W 15WLED halogen illumination cup. within of three meters through the center of illumination LED mild supply is definitely an ideal offer higher compared to halogen Cup, in practice, a common lighting lights Cup assortment 1-3 meters, away from your chart can effortlessly see that 15WLED cup substantially an ideal offer better lighting outcomes 60W halogen lamp, cup, cup, generally merely since the halogen is not beneficial utilization of the luminous flux.

Five, significant energy LED panel mild to solve the cooling technology, the greatest delay the energy failure mild LED panel light
High-power LED could possibly be the LED panel mild industry, a long-term advancement path in the present luminous efficiency merely because in the higher and exceptional lumen upkeep and develop to be significant providers to compete to create the product, however the energy LED inside the cooling methods are required, the atmosphere temperatures reaches a specific restrict will quickly possess a mild failure, a instant final result in the decline in lifestyle LED panel light, currently only only a little quantity of 1W and 3W significant energy LED app market, 5W, and 10W significant energy LED even now Centrifugal buff at laboratory phase .
Only by addressing high-power LED thermal technologies, greatest LED mild slow decline to some large place through the advertising of high-power LED panel mild applications.

At this stage, LED have been transformed in different spots using conventional mild sources, specifically the emergence of high-power LED, LED accelerated pace to replace conventional lighting, LED indoors lighting tends to create a tremendous place uses develop to be reality, using the industry persists to mature, LED product or support development, vertical depth, high-power LED mild effect inside the worth and there could possibly be considered a superb quantity of variation, blended using the powerful country wide coverage guidance, the public’s good publicity, we have final result in to think the fact that up coming decade, LED panel mild will positively be exactly the very same as present fluorescent lamps, flying to the homes of common people.