Led panel lighting specialized details

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: source is known as long life lamp. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat accumulation, light and rapid decline of errors errors, life of up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours, longer life than conventional light sources more than 10 times. Drive power requirements chip itself is less than 0.5w, switching frequency requirements mandate greater than the 120hz, so that while the occurrence frequency disturbance can be seen blinking.

panel light built-in driver IC chip package should help drive the quick cooling die, if the die (die) in the copper binding on the indirect and indirect extension of a pin to package, easy to indirect welding in the pcb board thermal conductivity of copper rapidly (Figure 1). If a similar 4x4mm silicon die on Britain to end eternal sub-300-1000ma of current, confirmed the power to determine the will heat the chip itself, the physical layout of cooling is also essential.

Led panel light lamps on the low-voltage driver IC requirements:

1.Led panel light driver chip area which should be the nominal output voltage to meet the dc8-40v, use the area to cover the needs of more pressure if greater than 45v; ac12v or 24v output complex with the bridge rectifier output voltage Power voltage fluctuation, especially at high voltage DC output voltage will be high if you can not drive less responsive ic wide voltage areas, often overstating the power off when power will be breakdown, led light source also led to survival.

Led Panel light technical details of the trade-off lighting design is led panel light, led light source technology increasingly childish, LED lumens per watt has increased rapidly, increasing year by year to promote its depreciated value. To 1wled light source, for example, the spring of 2008, the price is the price of one-third of the spring of 2006, spring 2009 to fall 2006 quarter.

Led panel light of high energy: DC drive, ultra-low power (0.03 W -1 watt single tube) electro-optical power conversion verge of 100%, the same light energy than traditional lighting effect more than 80%.

Lighting led panel light source voltage is very low vf, ordinary vf = 2.75-3.8v, if the 15-1400ma; which led drive the output voltage is vfxn ic, or vfx1, if constant in the 15-1400ma. Led panel light led light source used in a small power (if = 15-20ma) and power (if> 200ma)) two small power led to do more led fluorescent lamp, decorative lamp, grid lamps; power led to doing household lights, spotlights, underwater lights, wall lights, street lamps, pure light, car mission lights. Power led light source is a low voltage, high current-driven device, the light intensity led by a current flowing through the size of choice, current too strong can cause attenuation of light led panel light, led the current is too weak affect the luminous intensity, thus, led the drive required to provide constant current power supply to Baoguan of power led to use of Enron, while aspiring to achieve luminous intensity. Led lighting in the areas of energy efficiency and long life to reflect the characteristics of life, good screen driver ic led panel light is essential, not a good driver ic’s matches, led panel light can not reflect the advantages of lighting.

2. Driver chips required is greater than the nominal output current 1.2-1.5a, as the lighting of the led light, 1w power led light of its nominal mission current 350ma, 3w power led light of its nominal mission current 700ma, the need for more large power current, which led driver ic lighting selected must have enough current output, design products to make the drive ic mission in the negative output of 70-90% over the best mission area. Use at full output current drive ic heat in poor lighting small spaces, easy deserting and late entry into force.

Led panel light benefits of environmental protection: led is a kind of green light, better environmental benefits. Spectrum violet inside and red paint is not low in calories and no strobe, no radiation, and survival of absorption material can be accepted, no clean elements do not contain mercury, cold light source, you can safely touch, is a model of green lighting.

. Driver IC’s own anti-emi, musical, low pressure can also contact resistance to the whole success of Britain led lighting products late ce, ul certification, which drive chip itself should use good beginning in the design of the topology of the production of low end negotiations process.

.   Led panel light of the mass market and the need to continue steady rise for several years will be the integrated circuit industry, following vcd, dvd, mobile phones, mp3 funeral of battle after electronics market ultrasonic tsunami!

Led panel light was galloping growth in the near future, led a clean and green light is widely recognized. led light long life, energy saving, convenient to use complex, the use of capital is low, so the family will receive a flood of light use, OSRAM optical semiconductor company in 2008 query statistics, the global annual family photo led panel light led the technical details of choice Block lamp lighting design ship is about 50 billionled driver chip in the direction of the eco-friendly lumination to promote progress of revolutionary design, led lighting is inseparable inside the generate chip, requiring a range of features led lumination driver ic. led lamps use 36v AC energy provide can Hydraulic Fittings think near to the subsequent non-cut away energy supply, which consist of the use 220v and 100v AC energy provide minimize away electrical energy bills thinking. Indirect use ac100-220v driver chip, using amount of luxury, even although the higher specialized demands, the higher the difficulty, now out inside the because of diligence to available up inside the capital. substantial lighting desires near to the industry led in the direction of the accomplishment of all IC design and design businesses the probability again, fast transformation, earlier products, the probability to be successful lots.

led lighting mandate Features

3. Driver IC output current should be considered a lifestyle time constant, led to stable lumination source, lumination will not flash; identical amount of driver chips used in common conditions, the sizing near to the output current could be divided to do, which could be discrete to acquire small, to make certain that bulk energetic production collection can produce beneficial and orderly; for discrete output current consists of a definite must-driven chips on the factory or production collection earlier to the sub-file, the mediation board pcb current setting resistor (rs) near to the impedance values, led in the direction of the production of lumination ongoing current led driver board near to identical lumination source luminance variations and preserve the ultimate merchandise of divergent.

Led panel lumination near to the high-energy, lengthy life, remarkable efficiency benefits of environmental safeguard have been recognized Centrifugal Fanall over.