LED strip for car-Tuning the exterior and inside

Apr 1st, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

Masters compete in skill of tuning to emphasize the necessary elements of a particular model car, distracting attention from the shortcomings. Spoilers and skirts look appropriate if the wheel of a representative of the younger generation. For honorable people whose status requires travel on business-class machines, remain almost the only way to distinguish their vehicles from hundreds of cars of the same color and model. Original headlights in the dark can be distinguished using a tape 3528, which is mounted under glass light elements. She can give the desired form, repeating the path lights, creating a sort of
“Angel Eyes”, which become a feature of BMW, highlighting the top or bottom line of the headlights. This tape contains 120 low-power diodes at 1 meter, making it a light muted and
restrained. It does not illuminate the object or area as a whole, drawing attention to just one line, which is fixed.
Tape 3528 is used not only for the front, and rear lights, interior lighting, trunk, rarely board the car. SuchLED strip for cars produced in white, beige, blue, green and red glow. Most often one and the same car does not combine more than two backlight colors.
Because the LED strip for car 5060 equipped with more powerful diodes, they are of 60
pieces of 1 meter. These strips are able to create a bright glow within half a meter, so calculated to draw attention to certain parts of car: the trunk, the front panel, pedals, bottom machine. Tape 5060 also establishes a path for the details, but it gradually changes from light to intense scattered, adding a decorative effect.
Depending on where it will be used luminescent elements, LED strip for automobiles are selected in an open and waterproof performance. Silicone flexible coating for the protection diodes, and electrical connections from water use, if necessary, tape 3528, and 5060.
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