LED Strip Lights Waterproof Level

Jun 13th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

Classify according to the waterproof hierarchies:

IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, IP level is the hell protection grade of electrical equipment for preventing exterior invading into the electrical equipment. It comes from the International Electro technical Commission standard IEC 60529, the standard is adopted by American as its national standards in 2004.

For the protection of shell for electrical equipment, in this standard, IP levels format is that IPXX. XX are two Arabic numerals, the first number means the protection level for resisting exterior elements and the second number means the waterproof level. In short, the first number is the index for dustproof level and the second number is the index for waterproof level. The number is higher, the dustproof level and waterproof level is greater.

According to the waterproof level requirement, the led strip lighting can be divided into: non-waterproof , waterproof glue (waterproof level is IP55), half casing waterproof (waterproof level is IP65), and the casing waterproof LED lighting (waterproof level is IP68). And casing waterproof led strip can be divided into: pure whole casing waterproof and silica gel waterproof , the Waterproof Effect of the latter is better than the former.

According to the use of materials, the waterproof glue can be divided into epoxy resin glue and silica gel. Which is better?

From appearance and glowing effect point, the light intensity of infusion silica gel is more intense, and feels more comfortable as well as it contains the concept of environmental protection. But it has a weakness that flexibility is not great and it is easily to be broken. In comparison, now most led strip lights still adopt epoxy resin glue, his flexibility is good and cost is relatively cheaper, so this waterproof method is widely used.

As long as used in outdoor, the led strip lighting are faced with waterproof and moisture-proof sealing problem, it will directly affect the service life of LED products if the waterproof level is substandard. When choosing the led strip, you should pay more attention to the waterproof ability of the light. According to the operating environment, choose the right products.