Let‘s talk about 1639BR 6 Watt Super Bright LED Double Floodlight

Apr 23rd, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

Due to the increasing levels of crime rate, all home owners need an excellent lighting in their home to reduce break ins. It is advisable to mount double floodlights at the corners of the house so that all the directions are well lighted. A double lighted is better than a single one and should be mounted high enough. Ensure that no long shadows will be cast in any part of the compound.

If you are in the process of mounting flood lights, you can consult your local electrician for advice on the best quality of floodlights. The best double floodlight that you can purchase should be energy efficient and durable. Buy a floodlight that will give you light for several years. You can purchase one that lasts for 100,000 hours and one that uses 3 watts of power. With this you will never have to climb up the ladder to change another bulb every now and then. It is also advisable to purchase one that is constructed of cast metal and is able to withstand the harshness of environments. Also purchase a floodlight those heads can either be positioned vertically or horizontally. A good floodlight is one that includes a driver for proper power conversion and one that is approved for wet location use.

The L- Super Bright LED Double Floodlight is an example of a good floodlight whose lamp life is rated 50,000 hours. It gives you super bright light and can last for up to 30 years of extra energy savings. This L- Super Bright LED Double Floodlight uses two 3 watt high power LEDs and it has a die cast metal design with eyebrow for more light control. It is UL and CUL outlined and arrives using a one twelve weeks warranty. The L- very brilliant LED Double Floodlight utilizes only 6 watts of energy. L- very brilliant LED Double Floodlight carries a sealed 240 movement sensor that safeguards it versus adverse environment conditions. The double floodlight has adjustable time and sensitivity setting which produces it extremely individual friendly.

There could be considered a LED gentle that obviously shows once the equipment is operating. The L-1639BR 6 Watt very brilliant LED Double Floodlight carries a pure aluminum reflector and warm discharge system. It also carries a tremendous toughened goblet as well as a tremendous energy The individual in the very brilliant LED double floodlight is assured of lengthy phrase vitality delivering price savings, decline in upkeep expenditures as well as a lengthy phrase good result concerning the environment.