One Solution For Many Problems of LED Tube

Jun 5th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

When using a product one enjoys the advantages it provides but with that, one also has to face few disadvantages related to either its functionality or the shape and size. But one can still prefer to buy a product if there are lesser disadvantages and the benefits it provide are worth the trouble. To decrease the number of disadvantages, we notice every now and then that there is always an improved version of the specific product after some period of time. Upgrading to a better option is the reason why we have reached to our current position from our stone-age days.

One industry which has noticed a tremendous upgrade is the lighting industry. This upgrade is possible after people have realized the advantages of commercial use of LEDs. Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) are small bulbs ranging from 2mm to 8mm across. LEDs emit significant amount of light not through a filament but light is emitted when electrons vibrate at a specific frequency which results in energy dissipation originally gained from electricity. Owing to their filament-less structure, an LED can bear electric shocks and physical shocks of much higher degree compared to the alternatives like incandescent light bulbs and florescent tube lights. When many LEDs are placed on a panel, they collectively emit adequate amount of light which can be useful for many different types of devices and purposes. The can be shaped in different ways hence we can see LED Modules and Bars in the market but one shape that has made a huge difference is .

LED Tubes can be further classified into two specific types depending on their physical properties and appearance.

One type is . As the name suggests, these tubes are hybrids between florescent tube lights and LED lights. These lights contain a thin and long panel containing hundreds of LEDs. This panel is enclosed into a glass tube which as dimensions equivalent to common florescent tube lights. LED Florescent Tubes can be bought in the sizes of 2, 4 and 6 feet. These LED florescent tubes can be fitted into the stand of normal florescent tubes and have many advantages. Florescent tubes get dimmer as the time passes; they also contain vapors of heavy metal like mercury and poisonous phosphates which can be dangerous for the environment. LED Florescent tubes do not contain any such poisonous material plus they do not get dimmer as they are used.

Other type is LED Flex. These are flexible tubes which are very thin and contain LEDs. When lit, they look exactly like neon lights. Due to their flexibility they are used as signs and can be bent to create different designs. They can also withstand varying pressures and temperature hence they have found a range of use like at the airports and beside the roads.

LED based light sources consume lesser amount of electric power hence they are good for the pocket. LEDs can stay lit for about 50,000 hours therefore they don’t have to be replaced very often, hence one does not need to buy a dozen of bulbs every month.