Some points that can affect the Led Tube

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Though the  people can get products from many different way , but choice is also very important to consider .
Many desigen think all of the qulity of the should be the same , but they are many led manfacturer and supplier .Asia manufacturer can offer the lower cost .In fact , people are suprising ,in these suppliers ,just only a little manufacturer can make the high qulity led diplay ,as using in a smiple way ,the low quality led lights and   is enogh .But in many different area ,they must get a high qulity led lights and ,for example ,near the high way ,some of the Military, aviation and industry zone .The led quality is more strict .

How to distinguish between high and low led products quality ? How to know the difference with 2 different led display  ?In fact , choose a high quality Led display , it can start from the “chipset ” Then check  all of the assembly process.In this process ,they are many factor need to consider .Tier-One led company can produce the high quality led chipst .A  2 inch  wafer can cut more then 6000 pcs led chipsets.There is only individual have some difference for overall .As a excellent Led chip manufacturer ,when the produce the ,they Centrifugal Fan must make sure the color,brigtness ,and valtage of the just get a very smaller difference .
When the LED-chip package is complete, many of their performance may exist a great difference, such as perspective. In addition, the impact of packaging materials is quite large, for example, silicon resin performs better than the epoxy resin.

Category Ablity
Excellent led manufacturer not only have the high quality led chips and also have the ability to separate the leds follow the different color ,brigtness ,voltage and view angels .Hihg qulity led display manufactuer can  supply  the consistent performance characteristics products to the customer ,but the lower qulity led supplier only can supply the low quality led products to the customer ,something like “mixed package led products ”
For high-end, quality demanding applications, such as airport runway boundary lights must meet the FAA-class color and brightness specifications to ensure performance and security, LED packaging, consistency is to be strictly limited. Poor LED packaging grades are used in demanding applications will lead to premature failure of a series of non-compliance issues, most likely lead to major accidents. To avoid equipment downtime and ensure the design requirements of the LED has a reliable job characteristics, and quality in demanding high-end applications to avoid
As the led lights and led display’s demanding is growing
With the repid demand of the led lights and led display  products ,in order to serve the global market .The supplier and the assembly factory also growing fast ,but Unfortunately , most of the surge led lights  factory Hydraulic Fittings not only use the lower qulity led lights ,their package and led design processure engneers also with poor experience ,so when the people select the led factory , also need confirm their ablity  of if they can  provides sufficient cooling design products or not  .Because most of the problem are all caused by the cooling problem .