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LED manufacturing process includes the 13-step process, as follows:


1.LED chip inspection


Microscopy: surface whether there is mechanical damage and pitting hemp pit (lockhill chip and electrode size meets the technical requirem

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Some factors which could impact the Led Tube

Though the  people can get Led Tube products from many different way , but choice is also very important to consider .

Many led display desigen think all of the qulity of the led display should be the same , but they are many led manfacturer and supplier .Asia manufacturer can offer the lower cost led display .In fact , people are suprising ,in these suppliers ,just only a little manufacturer can make the high qulity led diplay ,as using in a smiple way ,the low quality led lights and led display  is enogh .But in many different area ,they must get a high qulity led lights and led display ,for example ,near the high way ,some of the Military, aviation and industry zone .The led quality is more strict .

How to distinguish between high and low led products quality ? How to know the difference with 2 different led display  ?In fact , choose a high quality Led display , it can start from the “chipset ” Then check  all of the assembly process.In this process ,they are many factor need to consider .Tier-One led company can produce the high quality led chipst .A  2 inch  wafer can cut more then 6000 pcs led chipsets.There is only individual have some difference for overall .As a excellent Led chip manufacturer ,when the produce the led chips ,they Centrifugal Fan must make sure the color,brigtness ,and valtage of the led chips just get a very smaller difference .

When the LED-chip package is complete, many of their performance may exist a great difference, such as perspective. In addition, the impact of packaging materials is quite large, for example, silicon resin performs better than the epoxy resin.

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