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6 Reasons to Choose RGB LED

Effects lighting could possibly be the beneficial cornerstone of the broad assortment of industries. It fuels our partying, complements our relaxation and serves our socialising, and with regards to merchandising it tends to make objects start lookin

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RGB LED Strip Lights

The RGB LED strip light proved to be one of the most popular products at LEDcentre. Its wide range of application allows customers to use more of their imagination, decorate and create new moods in their homes or businesses to their own tastes. The most common application in businesses can be found in bars, clubs, restaurants or stage lighting for bands. Besides commercial use, household application is also very common in the kitchen or living room for instance, where mood lighting is often used. When it comes to mood lighting, and picking colours, the user’s imagination is the only limit. Both in household and commercial uses, the RGB LED strip is applied to enlighten edges of furniture, worktops, to give a touch of colour to walls, corridors, columns, steps and staircases, illuminate audio visual systems, is used as a party set or background setting for bands.

The two basic components to operate RGB LED strip lights are the RGB LED strip (obviously) and a matching RGB controller. All RGB LED lighting systems require a controller, with which you can determine the colours displayed.

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