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RGB and white LED how to choose?

When the need for LCD flat panel displays chooses back lighting lighting, designers often face should use white led with a pure white light or the RGB light source of the dilemma. White led drive and RGB drive is different, for example, used for portable electronic devices in the display, or general back lighting lighting applications to drive the highly RGB led of have no low inductance low noise led drive IC, and standard white led drive IC have different performance standards, this is because RGB led and white led toward the voltage is different, so need different IC architecture. Usually RGB led strip lighting will have a coil of ON/OFF interface and 3 separate resistance can be programmed to control LED current source dimmer and brightness, in addition, it will adopt the “white” mode to optimize red and green and blue LED the current ratio, so, in all three RGB LED programming for when to obtain the best ON the spectrum of.

Different lighting source choice of backlighting

To provide for the display back lighting cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL) has a limited chromatography, and colour bright enough. RGB LED actually expanded

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