The introduction of the LED Camping Lantern

May 3rd, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

The progress of human civilization can be viewed as a climb toward improved inventions and tools. When a product becomes outdated, humans tend to abandon it in favor of more convenient items. The Pony Express gave way to the telegraph. The phonograph was eventually replaced by the radio, the Walkman and the iPod.

Another product revolution is taking place in the arena of camping products. The is becoming more popular every day, as increasing numbers of camping enthusiasts recognize that LED lanterns represent the cutting edge of camp lighting technology.

Here are seven reasons why LED lanterns make the best camping lanterns:

1. LED lanterns are extremely energy efficient.

have long been lauded for their incredible efficiency, especially compared to incandescent bulbs. Indeed, some LED bulbs are as much as 90 percent more efficient than their incandescent or halogen counterparts. Many LED bulbs require so little energy they can provide hundreds of hours of light on a single set of batteries. An LED lantern is more efficient than any other type of camping lantern.

2. LED lanterns are quiet.

Many older camping memories have as their soundtrack the continual hissing of a kerosene or propane lantern. LED camping lanterns, in contrast, are completely quiet, even when they’re at full operation. If you camp to enjoy a break from hectic city noise, you’re sure to love the silence of a lit LED lantern.

3. LED lanterns are odor-free.

Gas-fueled lanterns emit a certain burning smell that can be difficult to get out of your nostrils. Especially for those who are sensitive to odors, older camping lanterns can be so smelly as to make it difficult to eat with them nearby. LED camping lanterns, however, are completely odor-free. An LED lantern will not taint your palate with the taste of burning gas.

4. LED lanterns don’t attract as many bugs.

Scientists aren’t 100 percent sure why LED bulbs rarely attract insects, but they believe it has something to do with the light spectrum that bugs use to navigate. Apparently, insects steer through our world using the UV light spectrum. Most camping lanterns emit lots of UV light, so they often attract swarms of insects. LED bulbs, however, typically emit less UV light, so fewer bugs will be attracted to an LED lantern.

5. An LED lantern won’t set your tent on fire.

Because LED bulbs are cool to the touch even when illuminated, an LED lantern can safely be brought into your tent. The same can’t be said for gas-fueled camping lanterns, which can easily fall over and start fires or cause carbon dioxide poisoning if used in tents. Even incandescent bulbs are unsafe for tents; the heat they release can set tent walls on fire.

6. LED lanterns are safe for kids to operate.

Turning on an LED lantern is as effortless as flipping a switch. include this toward the fact that an LED lantern will by no suggests get warm adequate to begin a fire, and you also can appreciate the fact that even a two-year-old can safely use an LED lantern. In contrast, children cannot safely turn on gas-fueled camping lanterns. conventional kerosene and propane lanterns need pumping, priming collectively with other preparation earlier to they may properly be lit. These duties are as well complicated and unsafe for youngsters to complete.

7. LED lanterns do not need fuel or matches.

Camping old-timers typically possess a pack of testimonies concerning the difficult occasions they’ve experienced lighting a stove or lantern in terrible environment conditions. When your lantern only runs on fuel, it is best to earliest locate a method to lumination it. This may properly be amazingly difficult in producing bad weather or higher winds. With LED camping lanterns, you by no suggests should be worried about inclement environment stopping you from enjoying strong, obvious light.

In situation you are even now not convinced that LED lanterns can be the amazingly most effective option for camping, here’s a bonus consideration: LED lanterns are typically much better in emergency situations, not just to the reason which they last appreciably lengthier than fuel or incandescent lanterns, but to the reason which they may properly consist of flashing red-colored collectively with other attention-getting bulb settings. This type of trait can help a lost hiker quickly signal that she or he desires help.

For the provides about thorough above, LED camping lanterns represent the greatest achievement in camp lighting technology.