The price and quality of LED lamp

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What is the price of led lamps?

is commensurate with their quality can be considered a lighting of the future. And no matter how loud it sounds, do not forget that the is difficult to find an adequate substitute for the parameters of energy consumption, light output, duration of operation.

What exactly is the advantage of led lamps cost of which may at first seem high compared with traditional bulbs? The advantage of such a device is directly lamps, which consists of a crystal through which a voltage, so that the crystal begins to glow. This design is simple, requires no bulky structures or moving parts.

I must say that the lighting based on the use of LED lamps is different, primarily from other types of coverage for its size in electricity consumption. LED lamps have a modest demand for electricity – they just 10.5 watts in order to significantly exceed the bulbs performance of competitors. Led bulbs cost which will be repaid later, are reliable, with a sufficiently long service life. The advantages of this type of lamp may also include compactness, insensitivity to strong mechanical shock and vibration. In addition, for this type of lighting low temperature conditions and are not afraid, even the frost will not lead to the loss of their structural characteristics.

Lamps on the basis of the diodes are also of interest because they have no equal in matters of security, and comprehensive. In addition, they do not need a high voltage, their infrared and ultraviolet radiation is negligible, and the construction itself implies the absence of mercury vapor or other toxic substances, which confirms the safety of their use and further processing.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lampa does not contain mercury and other harmful substances and require special disposal and maintenance costs and replacement. Unlike incandescent lamps, LED lampor operate at 50 – 100 times longer and consume electricity in the 5 – 10 times less.Led lamps within our catalog have totally different purposes, totally different sorts of bottom coloring and glow. Led is receiving additional popular, they could possibly be employed in any sphere of existence precisely where you need significant reliability and efficiency: in residential and online community buildings, purchasing centers and office, commercial and residential lighting.

Lighting centered on LED lampor can be fascinating in that it provides an probability to hold out with coloring and gentle in an unbelievably pretty broad range. current LED lampsor possess a array that is totally identical to that offered by fluorescent lamps. And if necessary, without the need of even more filters, you can obtain the gentle of other colors, that is especially pretty important and effective even although in using LED lampor in multimedia and entertainment. Therefore, additional and additional experienced resources for that exhibition halls, discotheques or clubs produced in the LED lampor.