Three Stages of LED E27 Light Bulbs

Mar 22nd, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

Currently,China have became one of the biggest country which wholesale e27 led bulb.Every year,every day,a large numbers of led e27 lightings are wholesaled in foreign country.So,we can see that led lighting have became the main stream in the world.From 1999,led have started to enter the Chinese market.From then on, led e27 have applied in many more fileds.

Now,the most part of families have used led e27,but there are few people know the history of led lighting.Here I want to talk about the history of led lighting.There are three phases of led light bulb’ history.The first stage is from 1990 to 1995.At this time,the main two kinds are single color and 16 level double color screen,mainly used to show the words and simple picture.But it is just used in some public occasion,such as Bus Station,Bank,Financial securities and Post Office.


The second phase is from 1995 to 1999,64 and 256 level grey double colors video screen were coming out.Video control technology,image processing technology, fiber communication technology have made the led screen onto a new stage.


The third stage was starting from 1999,red, pure green, pure blue LED tube were pouring into China.Meanwhile,domestic enterprise have done a deeply research,made the red, green, and blue tricolor LED displays has been widely used,at that time,we can see all kinds of colorful e27 led lighting in Exhibition center,Sports venues and Square.

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