Toshiba announced White LED demand is in mass production in October

Jul 26th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light
white led 72w
Toshiba  25th press release announced that will be its discrete component positions Kaga Toshiba Electronics (Kaga Toshiba ELectronics Corporation) 8-inch wafer plant in construction of production line, started mass production in October this year used in LED lighting and LCD TV backlight . Toshiba forecast, 2011-2013 global white LED market of 700 billion yen to increase the size of 1 trillion yen.
Toshiba pointed out that the company began in January of this year and the United States White LED manufacturers-PURI (Bridgelux; TSMC turn investment company) jointly developed a white LED and successfully tried to make light output LED chip product of up to 614mW, while the Toshiba plans to use the research results, started mass production of white LED. Toshiba points out that, the company will be positioned white LED as discrete components sector focusing on cultivating the cause.