You need a Led panel light

Jun 12th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

is made by the ,The light source of the led is high brigtness white led light or warm  white led light with  some features such as high effective  ,low power ,long life ,easy to control ,non-maintenance ,safe and environmental etc .It is a new cold light source .
The Led panel light can be used in hospital ,office ,bank ,hotel and
some other place that indoor .For more features  , pls read the commonets as below :
1, Led panel light energy efficient: the degree of electricity consumption is only 1000 hours (normal 60W incandescent light 17 hours of electricity consumption of an ordinary 10W energy saving lamp 100 hours of electricity consumption of 1)
2, Led panel light and long life: light-emitting semiconductor chip, no filament, no glass bulbs, not afraid of vibration, less breakable, life of up to 50,000 hours (incandescent life of only 1000 hours, ordinary life is also energy-saving lamps Only 8000 hours)
3, Led panel light is health light: light healthy does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared ray)
4, Green products, environmental: Led panel light is not harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, conducive to Centrifugal Fan recovery and, it does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamps contain mercury and lead, elements, energy saving lamp electronic ballasts will produce electromagnetic interference)
5,Protection of eyesight: DC drive, no strobe (ordinary light are AC drive, will inevitably produce strobe)
6, Light efficiency is high: fever small, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light (80% of normal incandescent heat into electricity, only 20% of the electrical energy into light energy)
7, High safety factor: Led panel light required voltage, current is small, less heat, not produce safety hazards, mines and other dangerous places in the 14, impact resistance, anti-Lei Lijiang, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared ( IR) radiation. No filament and glass case, there is no fragmentation of the traditional lamp problem, the human body without harm, no radiation.
8, low thermal voltages: safe and reliable. Surface temperature ≤ 60 ℃ (Ta = 25 ℃ ambient temperature when);
9, Wide voltage range over the globe. 85V ~ 264VAC full voltage range constant current, ensure the life and brightness from voltage fluctuations;
10, Using constant-current PWM technology, high efficiency, low calorie, high precision constant current;
11, Led Panel light reduce line loss, pollution-free power grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, THD ≤ 20%, EMI meet global targets to reduce the power supply line power loss and to avoid pollution of the power of high frequency interference;
12, Common Criteria can directly replace the existing grille light
13, the market potential: low voltage, DC power supply, battery, solar power, in remote mountainous areas and field lighting electricity, less electricity places.
LED Panel light source lighting market in the 21st century of hope, notice the many benefits of its future will gradually replace the traditional light source, high brightness LED oko committee that will be the man, after following the Edison incandescent light bulbs, one of the greatest inventions, the current global energy times of crisis, energy is a valuable resource, saving energy is our future problems.
LeD Panel light, as a new energy-saving, environmentally friendly products the green light, must be the future Hydraulic Fittings trend.