You should know to protect LED Light

Apr 24th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under LED Light

LED is a semiconductor device. It is easy to be damaged in the assembly process by the static electricity. This requires electrostatic protectio in the assembly process. We found that many manufacturers do not have this concept or don’t understand. We can’t do that.

In practical work, the electric current limit of LED is 20mA. but there may be various reasons in the uses to cause the current increase. If we don’t take protective measures, the will be damaged when the increased electric current over a certain period of time and amplitude.

The reason for the LED Light damaged
1. Power supply voltage rises abruptly. There are many reasons to cause the power supply voltage suddenly rise. For example, the power quality problems, or the user’s improper use and other reasons may cause the power supply voltage rises abruptly.

2.The local short circuit of the Led power supply may increase the local voltage by Line of a component or printed lines or other wire short circuit.

3.For its own quality, A LED is damaged and form a short circuit. Its original voltage is passed to the other LED.

4.The lamp temperature is too high, so that the becomes not good.

5. Water comes into a LED Light. The water is conductive.

6. There is no good anti-static work in the assembly, which makes LED inside hurt by the electrostati. Although it is applied with the normal values of the voltage and current, it is extremely easy to cause LED damaged.

How to protect the LED Light?

To protect LED, we first thought the insurance tube, but the insurance tube is disposable, and the reaction rate is too slow. Poor effect is also very troublesome in the practical use. so the insurance tube is not suitable for the LED Lights products now. Because the is now mainly for the city light engineering and lighting projects. According to the actual demand, we have done a lot of experiments, and according to the requirements of the project, we summed up some characteristics of LED protection circuit. It is demanded that beyond the normal use of electric current, it can immediately start the protection and let LED power supply path disconnected, so that the LED and the power supply can be protected, which can automatically recover the normal power supply after normal power supply. It does not affect the LED work. The key is for a civilian product. The circuit should not be too complicated and the cost must be low. These requirements are contradictory. Restrict each other. It is very difficult to apply in the actual use.